Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Updates, thank yous and a plea

It's been another busy week.  Red, white and blue corn, beans and flowers have been planted.

We get so many questions about the garden, so the basic information was posted on this sign:  This is a trial garden with all produce going to local food pantries.  Volunteer hours are 8 - 10 am on Tues. and Sat.

Thanks to the Cumberland/North Yarmouth Lions Club for the $100 donation.  Also to Greg Fowler for bringing us a load of hay mulch--the plants are growing, but so are the weeds, so we'll be getting the mulch down as soon as possible.

Finally, a plea from our hard working volunteers. . .We encourage everyone to visit the garden, but PLEASE do your best to keep your dog from coming into the garden.  While we are looking into better solutions, we ask that everyone try to keep their dogs from breaking through the fence.  We love seeing dogs romp through the park, but not trampling plants.  THANK YOU!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck! Hopefully the weather will be nice enough for the crops.